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Normally, on this page, I will go through instructions about some interesting web site or resource that adds a little bit of pizzazz to your website, wiki, blog, or classroom application.


How To Make A Warholizer photo


If you would like a Warholized picture like mine (pictured above) do the following:


1. Go to www.befunky.com (just click the link)


2. Go to "Warholizer"  and upload a photo (I find from desktop is easist)


3. It will automaticly apply the Warholizer to your photo.


4. You can change the brightness or type of picture by pressing the buttons in the top menu.


5.To upload your photo onto your Wiki, save the picture to your desktop, once on your desktop go to your wiki page and click "EDIT" go to the side of your page and click "images and files". Press browse go to "desktop", click on your photo and should come up into the box below (where "images and files" was), click it again once in the box and it should come up onto your Wiki page.


Good Luck! If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP :) 


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