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Blogging on FirstClass

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 14 years, 9 months ago




The new release of FirstClass enables a great deal of things that we're now associating with the concepts behind Web 2.0.



One of these features is the very popular concept of keeping a web diary or web log, known on the streets as blogging. Journalling has long been known as a great way to communicate and illustrates growth or maturing wisdom over time.




Blogging, as implemented in FirstClass, is no more difficult than creating a new message. Just make sure that you do it in the proper spot within your FirstClass account and make sure that you're aware that you're opening up your thoughts to anyone with a web browser who wants to read it.




Unlike traditional web design, you don't need an editing program to create your content. This is well handled with FirstClass...just pick the look that you want for your blog and it's created for you.




One of the powerful concept of blogging is to generate an RSS feed so that people can track your thoughts. This also is well handled in FirstClass as it generates your RSS feed automatically. People just have to visit your blog once and subscribe to this feed and you're ready to push content their way.




So, how do you set up your blog?




First, you need to download the latest FirstClass client. In the left panel, you'll find a new set of options. In this case, you'll select Web Publishing.




























You'll be presented with a familiar FirstClass message creation entry. Create your message as you would with any regular message. Now, you may wish to give it a particular colour theme. A number are built in; just select the Appearance button and choose the one that appeals to you.






Save your message and you're now blogging! The formatting and the RSS are all created for you. Share your blog by sharing your URL. Mine appears below; all that you need to do is insert your FirstClass name (or your alias if you wish) and your blog name in the appropriate spot.




http://fc.gecdsb.on.ca/~doug.peterson/Doug's blog/



What do you blog?



How about homework, readings, research, your favourite book, ...?



The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.



Are there limitations?  The answer at this time is yes.  



FirstClass blogging requires that people log into FirstClass in order to reply to your posts.  This doesn't allow for anonymous replies.  But, the advantage of using it right now is that you work in a familiar environment - editing and creation is exactly the same as composing a regular email message.  Same spell checker and the whole bit.  Plus, if you need immediate access, it's all there with your single login.  There are a lots of advantages of doing your first blog on FirstClass.



Give it a shot.


You'll enjoy it.


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