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Clay Animation Resources

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 15 years, 10 months ago

Clay Animation Resources



My knowledge of creating Clay Animation movies involved some summer work with my daughter.  We've kept the best of the best and put them online here for you to enjoy.

We call them ... Bub's Movies


I had the pleasure of working with Janice Blencowe and Gisele Winger when they were Computer Assisted Instruction Teachers.  They have collected many of their resources together into this single site.  Gisele Winger's Clay Animation Resource




From around the internet, a collection of Clay Animation resources.  Some of these sites include places where you may buy the materials needed to create your own.

Clay Animation Station

Case Study - Chicken in Clay

Van Aken Modeling Clay


Barnes Products - Moldmaking supplies and special effects industries

Burman Latex Foam and other Stop-Motion Supplies

GM Latex Foam

Clay Factory, Inc. dba Clay Factory of Escondido

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. Online Catalog

Sculpture House sculpting tools, clay, mold making materials

PERFECT Touch Unique Sculpting Tools

Ladislaw Starewicz Page

Animation on the Wheel

Clay-Van Aken

Mr. Bumpy helps you Get Started on Your Own Clay Animations

Animation World Magazine

Stop Motion Pro (dedicated stop-motion capture and rotoscoping software)

The Video Lunchbox

(the popular stop-motion capture "all in a box" system)

Animation World Flash (e-mailed newsletter)

Animation Journal

The International Animated Film Society

All About Tim Burton (from Animation World)

Animation Toolworks "Video Lunchbox" Articles Page

Animato "J.E. Nystrom's Informative Homepage"






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