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Instructional Writing with Comic Life

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 11 years, 4 months ago

In partners, individual groups had an opportunity to explore a new interactive website. As they explored, it, the groups were also created a Mindmap using SMART Ideas illustrating what it would take to be successful getting started with the website.


That was fun and took a little while. Then, the work started.


In a folder on another computer, each group worked their way through the steps that were recorded in the graphic organizer. At each major step, a screen capture was taken and brought into Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 where a little cropping and image enhancement was done before saving.


So, for example, if you were going to work in a wiki, the first thing that you would do is log into it. Rather than show an entire screen, let's crop to keep just the important part.



After a while, we have enough graphics to bring them into Comic Life where we used captions and speech bubbles to fully document the process in a fun and colourful manner.


Then, the day was done. I just hoped that the activity would be worth remembering for the fall.




I get home and one of the Computer Contacts did seem to enjoy the activity. She also liked the presentation on the homegrown countdown timer for the FirstClass system. Using all of her talents, she created this instructional document from Comic Life.





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