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iPod, iPhone, and iPad in the Classroom

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 9 years, 2 months ago

 With this post on my blog, I've decided to start to put together a listing of what I think would be an ideal suite of applications for the iPod / iPhone in the classroom.  Given pricing and rules about cell phones to hurdle, I'm guessing that the iPod Touch would be the ideal mobile / portable solution.  Please consider joining this wiki and contributing your thoughts.


The iPhone Could be the Ultimate Study Machine - Tech Crunch

100 ways to use your ipod to learn and study better


  • Adobe Ideas - brainstorming tool
  • Airmouse - control your computer from your device
  • Animoto - create a presentation from your pictures
  • Atomic Web Browser - alternate and full featured/customizable web browser 
  • Awesome Facts - become the fountain of all trivial knowledge 
  • Biblion - from the New York Public Library, the World of Tomorrow 1939 World's Fair 
  • Blogpress - blog to your Wordpress blog from the ipad 
  • Blurb Mobile - story creation tool for the iPad 
  • Cooliris - search the internet for images in this spectacular application
  • Delicious Bookmarks - access your bookmarks and then visit via Safari
  • Dan Bricklin's NoteTakerLite - great for taking quick notes on the fly 
  • Diigo - bookmark resources to your Diigo account 
  • Diigo Browser - alternative browser to Apple's Safari - looks and acts like Chrome 
  • Dragon Dictation - a mobile version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 
  • Draw - sketching, drawing, and gaming tool 
  • Dropbox - share and store your files online 
  • Earthscape - another earth explorer with great overlays
  • Edmodo - iPad application for those using Edmodo as a LMS
  • Evernote for iPad - your notes, clippings, web content in the cloud 
  • Flipboard - flippable news reader 
  • Fotopedia Heritage - All the UNESCO Heritage Sites, thousands of pictures 
  • GarageBand - iPad version of the Macintosh music application 
  • Geo Walk HD - spin the globe and enjoy the imagery from around the world 
  • Google - the Suite - access to all of the Google suite of applications
  • Google Earth - the venerable Earth Exploration application
  • Guardian Eyewitness - spectacular images with tips from the pro that took them 
  • iBooks - read books with your device (comes pre-installed) 
  • Idea Sketch - brainstorming tool 
  • iGCT - your Geocaching Toolkit
  • IEP Checklist - great concept - someone should create an Ontario app 
  • Keynote Remote - control Keynote presentations from your device
  • Kindle - turn you iPad into a Kindle reading device 
  • Learn to Draw - as it name says - maybe it will work for you 
  • Louvre Museum - when you can't visit in real life 
  • MiGhtyDocs - edit Google Docs from your iPod / iPhone
  • NASA Viz - incredible visuals from NASA 
  • NFB - stream content from the National Film Board 
  • Note Hub - notes, maps, calculators, to-do lists, etc. all in one app 
  • Office HD - word processing and spreadsheets on the iPad 
  • PDF-Notes - edit and markup PDF files and more 
  • PhotoFactory - powerful photo editor with one touch filters 
  • Photoshop Express - in app editing of images 
  • Pocket Pond - you'll want to throw money and make a wish 
  • Popplet - mind mapping and note tool 
  • Prompterous - turn your iPad into a teleprompter 
  • Pulse News Reader - colourful RSS news reader 
  • QuickVoice - record your voice and then email it 
  • Reuters Galleries - incredible image galleries from Reuters
  • ResponseWare - Classroom performance system 
  • Sketchpad Explorer - iPad companion to The Geometer's Sketchpad 
  • Safari - Apple's web browser (comes pre-installed)
  • Screenchomp - create your own screencasts with audio and visuals 
  • ShowMe - markup document and export 
  • SimpleGoals - to-do list with quotes for inspiration  
  • Skype - portable version   
  • Splashtop - powerful remote control over your desktop from your device 
  • Spore LE - the biology simulation 
  • Stanza - read books on your device  
  • Stickyboard - giant whiteboard with never ending pad of sticky notes  
  • Stocks - track stock prices in the Business Education classroom (comes pre-installed) 
  • Story Kit - read, edit, and share stories 
  • Strip Design - design your own comic strip / graphic novel  
  • Talking Ben - fun for the little ones - collect them all Talking Tom, Talking Gina, Talking Roby 
  • TeamViewer - share your desktop with others  
  • TED Talks - power of TED talks gone mobile 
  • Today in History - see what happened today or any other day  
  • Twittelator - stay connected to Twitter, your frients, your neighbourhood
  • Untangle Lite - logical puzzle
  • Weather - check the weather outside and around the world (comes pre-installed)
  • Wikipanion - dig into the Wikipedia
  • WordWarp - rearrange letters to form words
  • WordPress Plugin - blogging from your iPod / iPhone
  • WordWhirl - rearrange letters to form words
  • WorldWiki - detailed information about any country as you need it
  • Zite - a news application that gets smarter the more you use it 


Why don't Flash applications work on the iPod / iPhone?  Find out here.


Please consider your favourite application and add it to this list.

ICTAC MEMO iPhone Apps for Education


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ron_millar@wrdsb.on.ca said

at 7:29 am on Jun 4, 2010

iPod and iPhone and ???iPad??? in the Classroom? Can the wiki be opened up to include iPads. A number of us are now looking at the iPad as a possible tool for students. I think it's only a matter of time before you join us. ;-)


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