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January 2009 - Elementary

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 11 years, 6 months ago

Elementary Computers in Education School Contacts Meeting

Please register on BookIT for the designated day.


January 28 - Dowswell Building (22)

AVGraham, Amherstburg, Bellewood, Benson, Colchester North, Concord, DMEagle, East Mersea, Essex, Gosfield North, Harrow Junior, Kingsville, LaSalle, Malden Central, McCallum, Maxwell, Northwood, Oakwood, Parkview, Southwood, Taylor, Victoria


January 29 - Dowswell Building (22)

Anderdon, Beaton, Brock, Campbell, Coronation, Eastwood, Forest Glade, Pelee Island, Harrow Senior, Hetherington, Jack Miner, Lakeshore Discovery, Maidstone Central, McGregor, McWilliam, Mill Street, Prince Andrew, Roseland, Roseville, Talbot Trail, LNST, Agency Schools


January 30 - Admin Building (19)

Begley, Belle River, Centennial Central, Central, Davis, Dougall, Glenwood, Gore Hill, King Edward, MDBennie, Marlborough, Mt. Carmel-Blytheswood, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Ruthven, Sandwich West


8:30am - 3:00pm


- Welcome and Introductions                                      Everyone


- Special Assignment Teachers-Teacher/Librarian        Sharon Seslija

    - "What they will do at your school"


- Sharing

    - "How is inappropriate use of computers, software,

     internet, etc. addressed at your school?"                     Everyone


- Update from ITS Department                                    Mary Guthrie, Paul Pesce

    - second SMART Board

    - January Installations

    - Enforcing Acceptable Use Policies


- Survey on Computer Use/Needs                               May Guthrie, Paul Pesce, Doug Peterson

    Clarifications, please ensure that you

    have completed the survey before the



- Women in Technology Sessions 2009                        Julie Parkyn, Doug Peterson

    Locations, logistics


- Learn 360                                                               Dwayne Teskey

    Exciting initiative from Media Services


- More with Web 2.0 Applications                               Doug Peterson, Everyone


- ECO Schools Notebook                                            Doug Peterson

    How it was created and how to modify

    in your school


- Powerpoint Presentations to Flash to Notebook         Doug Peterson


- Incorporating Media Videos in Notebook                   Doug Peterson


- ExploreLearning - Mathematics Gizmos                    Doug Peterson


- OESS Releases                                                        Doug Peterson

    Band in a Box 2008

    Fathom 2008


- Ontario Educational Resource Bank                           Doug Peterson


- School Websites                                                     Doug Peterson


- Video Editing                                                          Everyone

     - Please bring your camera and some footage

     - Ideas for using Pocket Video in the Classroom


- Other Business


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