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MeSpace at Benson Library

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 15 years, 1 month ago

The Teacher Librarian at J.E. Benson Public School is teaching all about online digital footprints by having the students create a "MeSpace" page.  I played around with it for a while to create my own.  I think it's a great exercise for students to learn about how to edit a wiki page and then how to determine what you want to appear online for others to read. 


I actually put quite a bit of time into the development of this page and so decided to keep a copy of it on my own wiki.



Name: DougP


Profile Picture: 


Where I was Born: Newmarket, Ontario  Where's that? -- Click here.  Open it with Google Earth.


About Me: I worked for the Essex County Board of Education and now the Greater Essex County District School Board.  When I was going to school, I was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons in Clinton, Seaforth, Stratford, and Kitchener.  I have three great kids, a wonderful wife, and a dog.  My daughter adopted Cain the Conqueror from a breeder and he's in the picture above with me.  He fell asleep during the picture and I had to wait for him to wake up before I could move.  You don't mess around with Boxers.  They are tough!


Our prized collection is this cactus.  Our neighbour gave us a cutting and we just stuck it into the ground and it has grown like crazy!  Who would have thought that a cactus would live through the winter?




Birthday:  August 14


Gender: male


Goals for this year: learning new technology (always) and finding cool people to share my learning with


Occupations: teacher, father, husband, son, son-in-law


Future Occupation: pretty much the same.  Independently wealthy doesn't appear to be working out for me.


Interests/Hobbies: baseball, softball, football, listening to music


Accomplishments: Ontario Secondary School Honours Graduation Diploma, Royal Life Saving Society Award of Merit, Bachelor of Mathematics, Bachelor of Education, Outstanding Service Award for the GECDSB


Education: Clinton Public School, Central Huron Secondary School, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, University of Windsor.  I've included logos for CHSS, UniWat, UT, UWO, and UW.






Favourite Book(s):  Believe it or not, I like Scaredy Squirrel.  I also have most of the OJ Simpson Books and I'm currently reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch who passed away this summer.  A student that I taught is now a teacher in our board and she lent it to me when she found out that my own father was ill.


Favourite Music:  I like modern country music.  It really has changed over the years and people who would normally be considered progressive rock and roll now fall in the genre of country music.  Who would have thought that Robert Plant, Bon Jovi, Jessica Simpson, or Sheryl Crow would have videos that are considered country and been at the #1 position?


Favourite Movie(s):  My favourite movie of all time is "The Alamo" with John Wayne playing the role of David Crocket.  I also like all of the Star Trek movies.


Who I'd Like to Meet and Why:  I would really like to meet Seymour Papert.  He was one of the first people ever to talk about students and using computers long before anyone ever thought it was possible.  He has a great website at:  http://www.papert.org/  Unfortunately, he fell ill this spring but the word is that he's getting better.


I'd also like to give tribute to some of the best teachers that I ever had and actually have met.  I know that they're the best because I still remember their names!  Here's a Wordle that I made to recognize them.





Top Friends:  My best friend is my wife.  I have met many people over the years at school, at work, and at play that I like to consider friends.  I would include Mrs. Moore and Mr. Moore among them.


Sports:  I like to swim, golf, play baseball and football, bicycle, and walk through nice parks like Point Pelee National Park.


Favourite Quote:  I have two favourite quotes.

"You can hear a lot just by listening"  This is a quote that is often said to belong to Yogi Berra who was a baseball player and manager with the New York Yankees.  The message is one that so often people ignore.  It's more important to listen to someone than to talk at them.


"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do"  This is a quote that is said to belong to Henry Ford.  There are some people that talk a good story and talk about how good they are and about what other people should do and brag about it, but they never do anything themselves.  When I talk to people about things that they could do, they know that I've done it by my reputation and that I'm not just talking.


Favourite Places:

Amherstburg, Goderich, San Antonio, San Diego, Toronto (on the Danforth), Chatham (on River Road), Southampton, Port Stanley, Grand Bend.


Here's an Animoto that I made of some pictures that I took when I was in San Antonio this summer.





Digital Footprint:

I have a blog here.

I have a wiki here.

I have a website here where you can watch Andy's first ever movie.  He now works for Survivorman as a digital editor.

I have a Delicious account here.

This is my website for the school board and I create and maintain the Student Reference Portal.

I think taking care of your own digital footprint is important.  You should read this article.


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