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Picture Frames

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 12 years, 4 months ago

Exercise Two - Picture Frames 


Before After


By themselves, pictures can be enhanced through the effects of Adobe Photoshop Elements. One of the finishing touches that you can apply is to frame your masterpiece. Here's how...


1) Load crab.jpg Crab.jpg is in the 'images' directory
2) Move to the picture frame choices that Photoshop Elements offers. From the Artwork and Effects menu, select Frames.
3) Select the desired frame effect. You may browse though All of the frame effects or ask Elements to filter them to show you only the effects that work as Frames. Click on thumbnail of your choice to select that effect.
4) Apply the effect. Drag and drop the selected frame over picture or click on the Apply button. If you get into the habit of editing more than one image at a time, the drag and drop option may be helpful in avoiding applying the effect to the wrong window!
5) Keep this effect? (Yes or No) This operation cannot be undone! Make sure that you really like the effect before saying yes.
6) Experiment The Effects option gives you so many ways to enhance your picture. It's worth the time to check out the various effects.

Next Step - Lighting Effects

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