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Week 5

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Eight Weeks to Web 2.0 - Week 5  


Read Some Blogs


The best way to understand what blogging is all about is to read some.  There are all kinds of blogs available catering to different interests. 


A blog is a "weblog".  In its simplest, it's an online journal for the author.  What makes it powerful is the ability of visitors to your weblog to comment on your thoughts and offer their own insights to the conversation that you've started.


For Week 5, I invite you to read some of the blogs listed below.  Get a sense of what people are writing and what they are saying.  Feel free to add your own comments to these blogs.  Keep in mind what they're talking about because next week, you're going to start your own!





Blogs to Read 


If you're looking for a collection of good Ontario Educational blogs, check out this LiveBinder of Ontario blogs. 


Eight Weeks To Web 2



Check in

Which blogs did you like?  Why?  Do you agree with all of the postings?  How about the responses?  What risks do people take when they open up online in this fashion?


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