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OSLA Hockey Faceoff

Page history last edited by Doug Peterson 10 years, 11 months ago

On Friday, February 4, 2011 I was part of a panel that presented all sorts of new resources to the audience as the spotlight session at the Ontario School Libraries Association annual conference.  There was a great deal of technology involved just to deliver the message that happened during the three period of our "game".  I blogged about the experience here.


The takeaway for the audience were the resources that we put together in a Google site.


I don't know what the plans are for the site so I've replicated the front page below so that it's not lost.

The Great Web 2.0 Face-Off!

  Period 1

Team 2.0 + 1

The Collaborators

Period 2
The Collaborators     Team 2.0 + 1 Period 3
    The Collaborators     Team 2.0 + 1


Types of Learning Boosts from Technology:

    Learning How to Learn:
    • Brainstorming
    • Question building
    • Gathering and organizing quality information
    • Reading engagement
    • Analysis and synthesis of information and ideas
    • Collaborative writing and editing
    • Collaborative visualization; Mindmapping
    • Presenting, publishing and communicating
    • Reflection and metacognition
    • Collaborative knowledge building; Collaborative intelligence
    • Other learning How to Learn Tool



    • Novelty
    • Real world
    • Relevant
    • Experimenting and playing Problem posing and problem solving Simulations
    • Global projects: Appreciation of other cultures
    • Other Motivational Tools


    Creativity and Content Creation:

    • Building/composing, creating using many tools and presentation venues
    • Digital story telling; growth in oral speaking
    • Creativity tools and innovation because of those tools
    • Presenting, publishing and communicating
    • Collaborative  and individual writing 
    • Other Creativity and Content Creation Tool



    • Tools that save time for individuals and groups
    • Organizational tools that help everyone get the job done.
    • Other Efficiency Tool


    Deep Understanding of Content Knowledge

    • Collaborative visualization; Mindmapping
    • Multimedia experiences not possible in a non-tech world
    • Simulations
    • Growth in Content Knowledge: the major ideas of the various disciplines: what we know and are able to do
    • Other Deep Understanding of Content Knowledge Tool


    Assessing What We Really Value:

    • Deep understanding
    • Learning How to Learn
    • Critical thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Habits of mind
    • College and career ready
    • Common Core Standards and other standards we value
    • Formative and summative
    • Other Assessing What We Really Value Tool


    Teaching Strategies, Techniques and Organization:

    • Differentiation
    • Presentations
    • Going paperless
    • Tracking and managing
    • management systems for courses, grading
    • Environments such as Google Apps for Education; Moodle
    • Other Teaching Strategies, Techniques and Organization Tool


    OLA SuperConference Friday, February 4, 2011.
    Expert Analysts: Carol Koechlin and Mark Carbone 

    Team Captains: Zoe Branigan-Pipe and Doug Peterson

    The Players: Rick Budding, Diana Maliszewski, Roger Nevin, Colleen Rampelt

    Anita Brooks Kirkland 

    Top Tweep: Becky Rouse

    Technical Director: Diane B├ędard

    Team 2.0 + 1

                    Doug Peterson  doug@dougpeterson.ca  (@dougpete)
                    Digital Footprint:  http://bit.ly/eyAva9

    Secondary Teacher-Librarian: 
                    Colleen Rampelt  colleen_rampelt@wrdsb.on.ca  (@crampelt)
    Elementary Teacher-Librarian: 
                    Rick Budding  rick_budding@wrdsb.on.ca  (@rickbudd)
                    Digital Footprint:  http://bit.ly/g7y5LG

    Blue Team: The Collaborators

    Captain: Zoe Branigan-Pipe  zbraniganpipe@brocku.ca
                    Digital Footprint:  http://bit.ly/grYEIb

    Secondary Teacher-Librarian: Roger Nevin  boysread@gmail.com
    Elementary Teacher-Librarian: Diana Maliszewski   TingLeditor@gmail.com



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